List of Products Containing Aspartame

The following is a brief list, compiled by the author, of products containing the artificial sweetener Aspartame. This list will be periodically updated and user submissions are welcomed, just leave a comment, these will be added to the list then when verified.

Product Name Category
Diet Coca Cola (all varieties)

Coca Cola Zero (all varieties)

Diet Pepsi (all varieties)

Pepsi Max (all varieties)

Diet Irn Bru (all varieties)

Lilt Zero (all varieties)

Sprite Zero (all varieties)

Tango (all varieties)

Tango no added sugar (all varieties)

7up Free (all varieties)

Lucozade Sport (all varieties)

Schweppes Slimline Drinks (all varieties)

Fanta Zero (all varieties)

Fanta Orange

Dr Pepper Zero

Oasis Summer Fruits Extra Light

Oasis Citrus Punch

Soft Drink
Ribena Really light (all varieties)

Robinsons Orange Squash

Robinson’s No added sugar range

Muller Light Cherry

Muller Light Blueberry

Muller Light Raspberry

Muller Light Banana and Custard

Danone Activia Cherry

Weight Watchers Fromage Frais

Weight Watchers Toffee and Vanilla

Wrigleys Airwaves (all varieties)

Wrigleys Orbit (all varieties)

Wrigleys Extra (all varieties)

Chewing Gum
Uncle Ben’s Sweet and Sour Light Cooking Sauce
Walkers Sensations Sweet Thai Chilli

Walkers Sensations Lime and Thai Spices

Walkers Prawn Cocktail


Silver Spoon Sweetness and Light

Silver Spoon Light Granulated Sugar

Tabletop Sweeteners
Cadburys Highlights (all varieties)

Options Hot Chocolate Drink (all varieties)

Drink powders

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